Equipment Types: We Fund a Wide Variety of Assets

Yep.  We lease that!

(A sampling of the types of equipment we lease)

Lease $mart is an equipment leasing and financing resource that specializes in service and flexibility rather than a narrow range of equipment types.  There are a few kinds of equipment that we would consider ‘not our bag’ because we recognize certain other parties in our industry as specialists working in those industries.  (See those exceptions listed below.)

Here is a sampling of equipment types we have leased.  This list is not intended to be limiting, but to give you examples of the breadth of our abilities:

♦ Water trucks
♦ Pipe cutters
♦ Pipe benders
♦ Trenchers
♦ Compressors
♦ Scissor lifts
♦ Utility Vehicles
♦ Software
♦ Dump Trucks
♦ Telecom Systems
♦ Industrial Ovens
♦ Computers
♦ Manlifts
♦ Garage equipment
♦ Bobcats
♦ Backhoes
♦ Scaffolding
♦ Storage Containers
♦ Signs/Awnings
♦ Excavators
♦ Compactors
♦ GPS Equipment
♦ Trailers
♦ Sewer video system
♦ Cranes
♦ Forklifts
♦ Fences
♦ Modular Buildings
♦ Power Equipment
♦ Ice Machines
♦ Solar Systems
♦ Office Furnishings
♦ Hotel/Motel FF&E
♦ Commercial Refrigeration
♦ Rental Equipment
♦ Access Control Systems
♦ Concrete Mixers
♦ Packaging Equipment
♦ Demolition Equipment
♦ PC Board Fabrication
♦ Walk-in Refrigeration
♦ Restaurant Equipment
♦ Water Purification
♦ Steel Buildings

And here’s the list of things we don’t do, choosing to leave these particular assets to specialists in each industry:

♦ Aircraft ♦ Watercraft ♦ Railroad engines/railcars ♦ Telecommunications satellites

The list above — items we don’t handle — is LOTS shorter than the list of what we can do.

Here’s the truth:  We really don’t care what the equipment is, so long as:

  • It isn’t radioactive or otherwise hazardous with liability issues or
  • It isn’t otherwise impossible to recover if we need to; and
  • It must be appropriate to your business.

Take our challenge!
We challenge you to present an item of a ‘capital’ nature that we haven’t already leased.  If you are the first one to sign a lease with us for that unique type of equipment, we’ll take an EXTRA $200 off of your first month’s lease payment when we fund your lease!

Wouldn’t you prefer a small monthly payment instead of spending a large sum of cash for your new equipment?  Leasing is a great way to have the tools you need for profit while keeping your working capital working for you.  Every lease we write includes a purchase option, so you will own the equipment at lease-end.

WE GUARANTEE YOUR OVERALL LOWEST LEASING COST.  In fact, Lease $mart guarantees to beat any competitor’s approval for the lease acquisition of any equipment, or we will pay you $50.00 for giving us the right to bid on your project.  And we offer unmatched service and creativity to help you reach your business goals.

Our program works like this:

  1. You select the equipment you need for your business.
  2. You tell us where to buy and how much to pay for the items you want.
  3. We purchase the equipment and lease it to you for the term that suits your needs best.
  4. At the end of the lease, you will have an option to purchase the equipment for a nominal amount (typically either $1.00 or for 10% of its original cost).

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Please send us an e-mail or call us if you have any questions.

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Lease Vs. Buy?

Lease VS. Buy

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