Sales Tools

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Take Advantage of These Sales Tools to Help You Close the Sale

Lease Proposal Generator

We will provide you with a combination Payment-Estimator and Lease Proposal Generator.  It is one of our most exciting sales tools.  13 seconds.  That’s the average time it takes to fill in a few blanks with your prospective customer’s name, approx time in business and total dollar amount of the sale.  Click ‘submit’ and it instantly generates a letter to send to your customer from you with your logo, with 4 term and payment options estimated available for your customer’s planned acquisition!  (Try demo version of this incredible tool by CLICKING HERE.)

9 Great Reasons to Lease YOUR COMPANY’S Equipment

This one-page summary of benefits can answer your customer’s questions about WHY they should consider leasing – and it will help you to close your sale.  We’ll brand it with your logo and company name and include links to your Branded, Secure Online Credit Application.

Consider linking to this page in your email signature or as part of each equipment quote you create.

A Branded & Secure Leasing/Financing Online Credit Application

Both the ‘9 Great Reasons’ and your Leasing Proposals will direct your prospect to ‘apply now’ with your branded online application.  When your customer takes this step, it’s a powerful buying indicator for you!
We encourage you to include the link in your email and on your written quotes. It serves as a call to action for your customers. Use it everywhere to show your prospects how easy it can be for them to qualify and afford your equipment.

Need help with any of these tools?  We are here for you!