Meet Gary Greene

Hi! My name is Gary Greene, and I am General Manager of Lease $mart.  I’ve been with the company since it was founded.featured-img-placeholder

I’ve been in entrepreneurial situations for nearly my entire life. Well, since age 8 at least!  I consider all “sales” and performance-based compensation plans to be entrepreneurial by definition, and I’ve been selling since I was just 8 years old and auditioned into the Tucson Boys Chorus.   That was a L O N G time ago, but selling several hundred “Bonanza” coupon books every year was a requirement for participation.  Fortunately, I found out I was pretty good at it.  Maybe I am one of those “natural-born” salespeople you sometimes hear about.

Since my days in the Boys Chorus, I’ve owned 5 different businesses, not counting those times when I was selling for someone else. Some of my businesses were more successful than others.  Each has taught me new lessons and given me the opportunity to explore and expand the limits of my own abilities.

I entered the equipment leasing industry in 1984 and I worked for 3 other leasing companies before we established Lease $mart in 1988.  I earned my CLFP (Certified Leasing & Financing Professional) designation in 1997.  The CLFP after my name indicates to my clients that I have committed myself to my industry by a course of study and a rigorous exam, continuing education and a pledge to the highest standard of ethics and professionalism.

The equipment leasing business thrills me constantly.  It is the perfect example of free enterprise at its best. Every day, we are challenged to bring creativity and resourcefulness to our client interactions.  (Some days are more of a challenge than others!)   If we can create solutions for our clients through our experience and our contacts, we go home satisfied every day.

When I’m not working on transactions or Lease $mart, you’ll probably find me involved in one or more fund raising and/or community service projects, or working around the house.

CLFP Foundation
Tucson Boys Chorus
Ocala Mountain Bike Association

General Manager
Gary Greene, CLFP
Contact Gary Greene at 520-628-9929 or 800-532-7303 (800-LEASE-03)
Direct: 520-329-2322

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