Why Select Lease $mart

In a world of ‘me too’ service providers, what makes Lease $mart unique?

A few big things:

  • We Focus on Solutions.  As if our livelihoods depend on our mutual success with you.  (They do!)  You can count on us to be as motivated to win your prospective customer’s business as you are.  If you’re passionate about getting every one of your prospects to adopt your solutions, you’ll quickly discover that we are ‘right there’ with you, as eager as you are to help them realize the benefits your products and systems can provide to them.
  • We’ve got the Know-how (experience) and Know-who (resources) to approve the widest range of your customers, from “AAA” to “D-” credit types, all types of collateral and all sorts of structures.  We like to start each new customer transaction with an interview — an easy conversation with your customer, so that we can keep your customer’s objectives at the forefront as we set up the best approval for their needs and goals.
  • We become a valuable member of YOUR sales team, providing insight, intuition, and communication about your customers’ hot buttons, timing, concerns and more.  If you haven’t already worked with us, may be surprised at how effective it is to have a ‘third party’ interacting with your customers, helping to communicate solutions while remaining focused on the mutual satisfaction of your needs and the needs and goals of your customers.

And a lot of small things:

  • Understanding: Clear, easy and consistent communications … not just with your customers, but with you, too!
  • Accessibility: Our senior management gives out their cell phone numbers!
  • Loyalty: We never forget that your referral was your customer before they became our prospective customer.
  • Credibility: Straight-forward, honest and professional ‘No Bull’ dealings with your customers.  Each approval will be at the best available terms, and if we can’t approve their request, we’ll advise that quickly and we may suggest other solutions which are outside of our areas of service.
  • Resourcefulness:  SMS/email/phone/voicemail/postal mail?  All of the above!  Early/late/even some weekends.
  • Open minds: Every entrepreneur is unique — and by extension, each transaction is unique.  We’ve worked with tens of THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs, of all types and sizes, from start-up mom-and-pop business owners to CFO’s of Fortune 100 companies as well as municipalities and nonprofit organizations.  We approach each opportunity with open minds and a strong desire to understand each applicant’s objectives and how best to help them realize their dreams.

If you want to have your customers treated with respect, resourcefulness and integrity, you’re going to love working with Lease $mart as your preferred leasing and financing resource.

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