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Lease $mart is a sales organization that works closely in support of equipment dealers and manufacturers across the country.  We provide our clients and customers with competitive lease rates, stable credit policies, and an unparalleled level of professional service.  We have earned the consistent repeat business of more than seven hundred of the nation’s finest and most reputable equipment dealers.  We want to continue our growth by earning your trust and your leasing business.If you sell capital equipment, software and other qualifying services to businesses anywhere in America, a working leasing program will have a positive impact on your bottom line.There are two primary reasons for you to offer a lease program to your customers:

  1. It’s good for your customers, providing valuable tax and capital management benefits; and
  2. It’s good for you, allowing you to keep your customer focused on benefits, rather than cost or price.  It will also help you to make your sales faster, easier, bigger and more profitable.

Stop to think about how you – and most of America – pays for its capital purchases.  Very few individuals and very few companies are in a position to pay cash for anything they want any time they want it.  Many can’t even pay cash for their NEEDS when they come up.  In the consumer arena, homes and vehicles and even college educations are routinely paid for with the assistance of financing.  In many cases, an attractive financing program makes the difference between satisfying the wants and needs of America and a whole lot of compromising and “settling for less.”

“Pay as you go” is the American way.  If everyone always had to pay cash, it’s a safe bet that most would be living in a smaller house and driving a cheaper car.  The truth is that since we get the benefits from our homes, cars or business equipment over a period of several years, it usually makes the most sense to pay for these major items as the item is providing benefits to us.

Your business customer is not very different from the rest of America in their preference of paying for big ticket purchases.  Your business customer doesn’t want to part with their cash either!  In many cases your customer doesn’t really have the cash to satisfy his business needs.


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