Lease vs Buy ARCH

Our Lease vs Buy Calculator is a fully-functional graphing spreadsheet, designed to help you determine whether it makes more sense to lease or to buy (pay cash for) your next acquisition of capital equipment for your business.

The spreadsheet parameters can be adjusted to fit your specific circumstances and will reveal how quickly you will receive positive cash flow from your investment in a capital item acquired for your business.

The calculator is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, modifiable by you.
Enter the following variables:

  • The acquisition cost (vendor invoice amount or cash purchase price) of the asset
  • The dollar amount of benefits the new asset will provide to you monthly
  • The monthly lease fee (lease payment) based on the term you select (call us for a quote on your specific needs)
  • The lease end residual amount (in dollars – usually either $1 or calculated as a percentage of the vendor’s original invoice amount)

Click on the following link to make your calculations:


Use it now: Lease vs Buy Calculator


How-To Video: Using Lease vs Buy Calculator

Print any single results page from the Lease vs Buy Calculator.  Fax or present it to us at time of documentation.
We’ll TAKE $50.00 OFF of your initial lease payment!

We are constantly working to improve the function and usability of this tool, striving to increase its value to our clients.  We actively solicit your thoughtful critique and feedback.

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