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Practicing Capitalism with a Conscience – since 1988

by Gary Greene, CLFP, BPB — Capitalist with a ConscienceGary Flame Tie

WOW!  Even I find it hard to believe, but it’s been more than a quarter century since Lease $mart first put up signs and opened its doors and phone lines for business.  Even though I had many years of business ownership and several years experience in working for other equipment leasing firms, this all still seems fresh and new.  Each week holds a new surprise, new relationships and new experiences.

“Surprise”?  That can be an understatement in today’s VERY topsy-turvy economy!  There are many pleasant surprises, too:  This can be a great time to take your business in new directions, capitalize on new opportunities, take over a former competitor’s niche and clients.  You may be surprised to hear that there’s LOTS of funds available to help you grow your business.

I feel incredibly blessed to be doing what we do.  The equipment leasing business is the perfect example of free enterprise in action.  We get to apply creativity and customer service – plus a great team effort into meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients and customers.

Even ignoring the upheaval in the markets over the last 7+ years, there have been a lot of changes in the business community over the last 28+ years.  A personal banker is no more.  (Remember personal bankers?)  Even the concept of a LOCAL bank is a relative rarity.  And the internet offers the promise of making nearly everything easier to buy — and tougher to compete against — while reducing each customer to a 16-digit number and a password or PIN number.

Today’s economic circumstances present plenty of challenges — and plenty of opportunities, too.  We continue to adapt to maintain the best possible resources and to be here for you when you want us.
We are entrepreneurial, too, so our clients know we can relate to them as they focus on doing what they need to do to succeed in their challenges.

At Lease $mart, one thing still stands out:  Our dedication to building relationships and making your experience with us as pleasant, efficient and professional as it can be.  If we’ve already done business before, the first thing we’ll do is recall our last transaction so that we can quickly update the information we already have in our records.  That is one benefit of working from an existing relationship.

And whether or not we’ve already done business together, we’re going to ask you enough questions so that we can accurately assess your needs and your goals.  We’ll strive to also have the answers you seek.

Sometimes, it seems, we may ask too many questions, and we’re conscious of probing too deep.  In part, we want to keep the process as simple and hassle-free as possible for our customers.  But we work best when we have a solid understanding of our customers’ prospects for the future and their experiences from the past.  This knowledge strengthens the foundation of our relationship.

If you’re one who prefers the anonymity of an internet transaction or dealing with a new clerk each time you call to do business, you will probably be more comfortable working with another leasing company.  If, on the other hand, you prefer the relationship style of doing business, then you’ll be right at home with Lease $mart.

Obviously, we DO have a website.  But we see our web site as a way to enhance and build on our relationships with easy access to timely information and one more way for us to communicate and to build and strengthen relationships.

We see our relationship with you as a central and vital instrument in helping your business grow and improving your cash flow.  As for me – and as for Lease $mart – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope to be of service to you in whatever way we can.

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Gary Greene, CLFP, BPB
General Manager
Lease $mart

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