End-User Benefits

We deliver:

  • Faster Sales
  • Easier Sales
  • Bigger Sales
  • More Profitable Sales

Your customers’ benefits can be summarized
in 6 major areas of value and benefit:

  • Leasing allows our customers to accelerate the write-offs they get from investment in business equipment.  For instance, the IRS has established that computers have a 'useful life' of 5 years.  That is, if a customer acquires a computer and capitalizes and depreciates it, it will be 5 years before all of the tax benefits are realized from that investment.  In the case of a lease on that computer, every dollar that is paid out on lease payments this year gets written off as a tax deductible operating expense this year!
  • Better use for limited resources.  Every business has limited resources, even big businesses like Chrysler, IBM and Motorola.  In the case of small business, the limit on available resources is just as real, maybe more so.  We have leased to some of the largest and most financially healthy companies in America (including Chrysler and IBM and Motorola), because those companies recognized that tying up their capital in equipment is usually not where their capital will work hardest for them.  (In the case of a manufacturer or retailer, their capital would typically be working hardest in inventory; for a smaller service business, maybe the best use for their capital would be in additional sales people or a marketing program designed to increase demand.)!
  • Payments are made as the equipment is paying him back in BENEFITS."] Rather than using last year's accumulated profits to buy this year's equipment (which will generate profits/savings/benefits over future years), your customers will appreciate the fact that in most cases leased equipment pays its own payments through increased efficiency leading to cost savings and increased profits.  This is why we adopted as our slogan "Happiness is...  A Positive Cash Flow!"TM!
  • Ease and speed of approval of their credit. We can approve up to $100,000 without financial statements or tax returns if the applicant has been in business for at least 2 years ($20,000 without financial statements if they are just starting out) ($150,000 for most established medical practitioners).  Most importantly, we know how to get the transaction approved.  We only get paid if we are successful in getting your customers approved.  Our mission is to help your customer obtain the approval they need, and to provide information and options to your customer so they can make the best, most informed decision in their acquisition of your equipment.!
  • We guarantee your customer's lowest leasing rates. and we back that guarantee up with cash.  We promise to beat any competitor's approval or pay our customer $50.00 for giving us the right to bid on their project.  Your customer doesn't have to lose valuable time in shopping for financing to acquire the equipment they need!
  • We speak directly with your customers whenever possible (and with your approval), giving them an additional opportunity to ask questions and especially giving us an opportunity to build a relationship with them for their future needs, as well.!



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