Vendor Benefits – The Benefits For You

We deliver:

  1. Faster Sales
  2. Easier Sales
  3. Bigger Sales
  4. More Profitable Sales

The fact that your customer will enjoy the benefits listed above is of primary importance.  Leasing is a ‘value added’ option that your customers will appreciate and thank you for. Better yet, as the seller of capital equipment for business, you also benefit by offering and promoting an attractive leasing program.  Let’s look now at how you and your company will benefit from our leasing programs, that will make your sales easier and faster, bigger and more profitable:

  • By offering your customer your equipment with low monthly payments rather than asking them to part with a large lump sum of cash, you will find that your customer “warms up” to the idea of acquiring now, rather than later, and more easily justifies getting the best solution instead of compromising on a ‘budget’ solution.
  • Offering the lease to your customer as a 'value and benefits added' service enhances your professional presentation and serves to make it easier for the customer to decide to do business with your company, rather than the competitor down the street.
  • By making it easier to say 'yes' to the best solution for long-term needs you are going to be making your sales grow and you will find those sales to be easier, bigger and faster.
  • Offering your customer a lease program will make your sales more profitable. In most industries, there is a fair amount of competition for the same customers.  Your prospects don’t become customers until you have differentiated yourself from most of the competition and established yourself as superior to the competition in terms of product, pricing, service or all three.  By offering your customer a leasing solution, you immediately set yourself above the rest of the field by making it easy for the customer to say “yes.”  You also make it considerably tougher for the customer to focus on price as one of their primary deciding factors.  If the competition is all quoting within a few percentage points of $20,000, and you quote $569 per month (for example), which supplier do you think is going to stand out in the customer’s mind?  You are still selling your equipment (to us) for $20,000, but in the customer’s mind, the value of your proposal is of greater interest than your competitor’s proposal.  Leasing allows you to take your customer’s mind off of price, and focus instead on quality, features, value and benefits.  Isn’t that what you want your customer thinking about?
  • If your competitor is offering a lease option and you don't you will be at a distinct disadvantage in the competition, and you may find yourself having to discount your price to win your customer’s business.