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Getting Started is Easy

Let’s get some mutual sales started!

It’s no surprise that you want to sell more equipment.  And you want to sell the more profitable, bigger-ticket equipment packages, right?

So, what is the difference between a $26,000 product sale and a $31,000 product sale?  The availability of financing.  The $5,000 upgrade from our example $26,000 sale and a $31,000 sale is usually less than about $5 a day for your customer.

We recommend you approach your customers this way:

Early in your initial interview with your prospective customer (the “needs analysis” portion of your discussion) ask your customer:

“Mr/Mrs customer, is this the type of investment you think you’ll pay cash for
OR would you like for us to set up a leasing program for you?”

The beauty of this question is that either answer is the ‘right’ answer: Yes or Yes.  It’s a very low key approach for adding value and benefits in your customer’s mind.  If your customer answers that they plan on paying cash, don’t argue with them . . . . TAKE IT!  However, if your customer expresses an interest in the leasing approach, 2 things should happen:

  • Begin discussing features and extra components of their proposed equipment package in terms of dollars per month instead of lump sum figures.
  • Introduce us to them early so that we may begin the credit approval process.  Although credit approval is normally completed in just 1 working day or less, it makes sense to get the customer prequalified before you invest lots of hours in creating your proposal for them.  Tell your customer that we will be in touch with them to coordinate the prompt approval of their lease, then call or e-mail some basic details and contact information to me or one of our support staff here at Lease $mart.  We will contact the customer promptly to begin the process including application, credit approval and selection of terms, keeping you informed of our progress on a regular basis.

If you haven’t visited our Vendor Programs page on our website, please do so now.  There, you’ll learn about our sales tools, current promotions and some of the many ways we help our vendors to realize greater profits, faster and easier than ever.

You’re about to see how easy it is to get your customers to say “YES” to your equipment proposals when you use leasing as a closing tool.

With professional service and leading edge programs, Lease $mart is a cut above the rest.  We look forward to working with you, answering questions and demonstrating what makes us better — and why you’ll come to rely on Lease $mart your your primary equipment leasing and financing source.



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Getting Started is Easy

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