Shortcut to Quoting

Because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to offer leasing to your customers and prospective customers, we provide several different resources for providing a lease quote and proposal to your customers.

Our first and best resource is our online proposal system, which you can use to present attractive lease proposals to your customers.  Note that it is a lease payment ESTIMATOR rather than a calculator.  For most users, it takes just 13 to 20 seconds to fill in the blanks and generate a printable or emailable leasing proposal for your customers to acquire your products.

These are branded with your company’s logo, so you’ll need to know the exact web address (URL) to access your company’s online Lease Proposal System.  (Click here to have us email the link to you.)

The other resource is really just a handy short cut!

>> Figure 3% <<

Even if you can’t log on to the online quote system, you can quote approximate monthly payments to your customer based on 3% of the total cost of the equipment/system, and you can probably do the math in your head!  It’s a VERY ROUGH number; just a starting point for keeping the conversation moving forward toward a successful sale for you.

For Example:

  • If you’re quoting on a system for which you want to be paid $10,000, quote a monthly payment of “Approximately $300.”
  • On a $60,000 system: Quote “Approximately $1,800 per month.”
  • For a $22,000 system: “Mrs. Customer, we should be able to deliver this entire package of equipment, programming, installation and training to you for probably less than $660 monthly.”

NOTE: Be sure to quote ‘FUZZY’ payment amounts.  Use “approximate,” “in the range of . . .,” “about” and “around” instead of calculating the payment in an exact dollars and cents figure.  This is because different customers have different credit strengths and will qualify for different final lease terms.

Trust us on this point: The more precisely you quote a payment to your customer, the more likely you are to be wrong!  Unless you know your customer’s credit strength, they won’t be surprised to have you deal with it this way.

And that brings us to an important last point.  Our leasing and financing programs will help you to make bigger and more profitable sales if you will quote prices to your customer based on monthly payments.  You know you want to add an additional $3,000 in upgrades to the sale.  But don’t quote $3,000; instead quote “for only about $90 per month, we can add . . . ” and go on with describing how the upgrades will benefit them.  By doing this, you’ve kept your customer focused on value and benefits, instead of thinking about the cost and where are they going to find the extra $3,000 to do what they were only just wondering about.

We look forward to working with you and helping you to increase the number, size and value of your equipment sales!

Lease Vs. Buy?

Lease VS. Buy

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